World of Warcraft WoW TCG - BIG Complete set collection

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Cena: 1899€

Komplenté edície (1 kus):
Heroes of Azeroth, Through the Dark Portal, Fires of Outland
March of the Legion, Servants of the Betrayer, The Hunt for Illidan
Drums of War, Blood of Gladiators, Fields of Honor

Bonus karty (1 kus):
Deathknight, Darkmoon Faire, Feast of Winter Veil
Wrath of the Lich King Set, Arena Grand Melee
Drums starter
Onyxia's Lair, Molten Core, Magtheridon's Lair, Black Temple - loot + raid cards
Assault on Icecrown Citadel - raid cards

Nedokončené edície (po jednej karte):
- Icecrown 177/220
- Worldbreaker 101/270
- Assault on Icecrown Citadel 20/30

Extra karty:
- 10+ tokeny
- 10x EA
- cca 300x rare + epic

- Onyxia's Lair
- Molten Core - 2x
- Magtheridon's Lair
- Assault on Icecrown Citadel

- Dark portal
- Scourgewar - icecrown
- World breaker
- Finalist 2009 National Qualifier